Castors as we commonly know them, are the chrysalis of the fly at the 'pupae' stage between the maggot and the fly. Leftover maggots can be allowed to 'turn' but riddle them to remove any debris or dead maggots. Once collected place in a container of water in a cool place, this will prevent them from turning further. 
Castors bought from the tackle shop will normally come in a plastic bag. It is okay to store them this way if you are to be using them shortly but preferably place in an air tight container and keep either in a fridge or a cold place.

Fresh castors come in a light to medium brown colour and are fished either singularly or two at a time. If using two, hook the first through the blunt end and out through the side. The second can then be hooked through the blunt end only. Take care not to burst the castor as often fish will ignore these.

When fishing keep the castors in a container with enough water to cover them. This will keep them fresh longer. If allowed to dry out they will float.

Castors can be extremely effective especially when loose-fed or mixed in groundbait with hempseed. 

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