Maggots are the larvae of flies the most common being the Bluebottle. They are naturally white but often come dyed in a variety of colours. Sometimes the colour of the maggot can mean the difference between getting bites or not.
To determine the freshness of  the maggot check that the black food sack is visible. The larger this is, the fresher the maggot. 

Maggots can be used in a variety of ways, the normal method is to hook them through the 'blunt' end either singularly or two at a time. If using two maggots place the hook through the 'eye' on the first maggot and out of the mouth and then hook the second maggot through the mouth first and then out of the 'eye'. This will prevent them from spinning in the water as you wind in which can cause tangles especially with fine lines.

Maggots can be made to float by leaving them sit in a small amount of water whereupon they will then take in air. This is especially useful if fishing on the drop and can be used to counteract the weight of the hook.

If you are not having any success on heavily fished waters where you usually use live maggots, try using dead maggots. A couple of days before you go, spray about a pint of bait with a little water, just enough to give them a glaze and then flavour them, curry powder, molasses, fruit surprise (Braddocks baits) and leave them to wriggle for about 10 minutes. Wrap them in a plastic bag and then freeze them. Allow  to thaw before using them.

When you have packed up for the day don't throw your spare maggots away, take them home and freeze them, you can then re-use them in groundbait as they don't break the balls down especially useful if you are catapulting them out if you are fishing at a distance.

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