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- The annual Chatsworth Angling Fair in Bakewell, Derbyshire has been postponed for 5 months owing to the Foot and Mouth disease which has yet again made it's presence felt. The new revised dates are the 20th and 21st of October 2001. 
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- Minister for Sport Kate Hoey has promised to help The British Disabled Angling Association (formerly 'Angling Link') fund a programme of work which will provide eleven million disabled people with an opportunity to take up fishing. She offered to ensure that funds are made available, and every assistance given in order that the newly formed organisation can achieve their aims and objectives of promoting and catering for disabled people to go fishing.
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- Bernard Venables, best-selling fly fishing author and president of the Angling Writers' Association  died today aged 94 at his home in Wiltshire. His most notable literature was 'Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing'.
The book, was an instant best-seller when it came out in 1948.  One reviewer said Venables had written and illustrated the best fishing book since Izaak Walton's The Compleat Angler. In fact, Mr Crabtree was to prove even more popular than Walton, with sales exceeding two million copies - making it by the far the best-selling sports book of all time. 
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- A 59lb 7oz Carp has been caught at Conningbrook Lake, Kent by angler Terry Glebioska beating the previous record of 56lb 6oz. To see a photo of Terry and the Carp (courtesy of Martin Locke of Solar Tackle), Click Here





-The Anglers Conservation Association (ACA) and the Countryside Alliance have expressed ‘deep concern’ about the possible effects of Foot and Mouth on waterways. Their concern has been highlighted as MAFF officials exhume the carcasses of recently buried animals in County Durham due to official fears that they might be polluting a local water supply. Read more Here






-Last night, at least two UK angling sites were hacked and the following message placed in place of their forums:
"HA HA HA You have been hacked by the Wellwishers of the Aquatic Nature Krew. Bigg Upz 2 all the memberz of the Krew......Big Fish, Little Fish, Medium Fish, Robbie the Robot, PISCES, PETA and ALF."
The two sites are both well respected, friendly carp fishing sites - Fishing Warehouse and The Carpers Lodge.
Hopefully, the sites concerned will be back up and running soon and will be able to trace and prosecute those who have committed this criminal offence.


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