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Scottish Environment Protection Agency opens gateway to river level information
15 April 2003


From the 14 April 2003, fishermen, canoeists and other river users will be able to access the latest data on river levels, Scotland-wide, through new Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) web pages at

Information is provided for all Scotland's major rivers, including the Don, Dee, Clyde, Tay and Tweed, as well as smaller tributaries.

Tim Jolley, SEPA's Hydrology Manager commented;

The website has been set up in response to requests from river users for just this sort of information. The new web pages will provide a gateway to river level and site information from 90 of SEPA's river gauging stations - chosen as representative of river conditions in the local area. Links are also supplied to the National River Flow Archive that offers further data on river catchments, mean flows and area rainfall totals. The site is updated every 24 hours, allowing users to accurately monitor conditions."

SEPA hope that leisure users such as canoeists and fishermen will find the site useful when planning where and when to use a river. The site could also assist school and university students studying hydrology.


Close Season Survey Results
10 April 2003


Independent market research commissioned by the Environment Agency has shown the majority of anglers is in favour of keeping the coarse fish close season on rivers.

The Agency’s Regional Fisheries, Ecology & Recreation Advisory Committees (RFERACs) will be discussing the survey results at their meetings this month.

Thirty five per cent of anglers who’d fished for coarse fish in 2002 favoured scrapping the close season but 50 per cent wanted it to stay.

And there was even more support for keeping the season (55 per cent) among anglers who coarse fished on rivers.

More on this story can be found here:


06 April 2003


FOUR out of four section wins and maximum 36 points for the top three anglers in the 180-entry White Acres Sensas Spring festival saw a fifth section result count back take the title and £2000 winners cheque to big hitter Steve Cooke.

With four from five section scores counting Ringer Baitıs backed Steve was the favourite after rattling up four straight wins, and a fifth win at Bolingey would have put the title beyond the reach of his rivals. That clean sweep eluded Retford, Nottingham based storeman Steve as an exciting final five hours saw both Des Shipp and Andy Dare record fourth section wins to tie on points with the week long leader.

However 44-year-old Steve pulled it out of the bag pushing home with a section second worth 8 points at Bolingey peg 31. That bettered the efforts of twice Sensas winner Shipp, and Daiwa Trentmenıs Andy Dare who had posted section fifths earlier in the week. Classy Shipp took the £900 second placed cheque with weight advantage 348-16-0 to Dareıs 297-3-0.

Steve Cookeıs blast off commenced with an absolutely blockbusting superb 209-4-0 from Pollawynıs often underrated peg 22, one of the point swims where he started on shallow waggler with meat before switching the heat up on 16 metre pole up in the water for a succession of carp. That result, not far off the venue record, represented a lake win that was to earn Steve another £100 for the heaviest individual match winning bag of the week.

Python 32 on the second day saw Cookie record his second section win with a 31-0-0 bag of crucians and small carp across on the long pole to the island. Gwinear on the third day saw peg 30 present another opportunity to fish long pole to an island with meat for the bulk of his 131-12-0 backed up with late down the edge lumps. It was another lake win too.

The fourth maximum came from Porthıs peg 72 where his feeder rods came out of the holdall married with crumb feeder gear for skimmers and a lake second with 19-14-0 . At Bolingey on the final day his section second placed 56-2-0 came to feeder although he added one carp down the edge. In addition to the £2000 cheque Steveıs tidy weeks work added another £800 in pools money pick-ups although he had not taken a bet with the bookmaker.

WINNERS GEAR Steveıs no stranger to big wins having been the past winner of the Fish O Mania final. He also reached White Acres inaugural Skol Masters final and has been a committed Cornish festival goer for the past five years. Steveıs festival winning kit included his Garbolino Super League pole fitted out with Daiwaıs black Hydro elastic for the bigger carp lakes and white Hydro on Python.

Kamasan B911 and Preston Innovations PR 28 hooks hooks were relied upon. Steve rates Tulip luncheon meat as his personal choice which he cubes up using a 6 mm cutter and dices even smaller for small fish. Ringer Bag Up carp mix groundbait is his favourite for passing through the groundbait feeder when fishing meat on the hook.

SHIPP SHAPE AGAIN DES Shipp proved the consistency of performance that keeps him in the eye of the Drennan Team England selectors as he again charged through the field to grab second placing. Bristol based forklift truck driver Des started his week with a lake second and section win at Porth where feeder tempted skimmers adding perch on short pole at peg 31. 

Fifth in section at Bolingey then saw the Shippıs course falter momentarily before Pollawynıs 28 saw him win with 177-0-0 of carp to crumb feeder. Pythonıs 14 and a decision to fish casters shallow brought Des the section win there with 20-5-0 of roach. Des pulled himself into second with a final day 96-15-0 bag that included 25 lb of silver fish at peg 6 which also earned him second on lake for a weeks total of about £1700.

ANDYıS DARE DAIWA Trentman Andy Dare gave it his all on the last day at the unfancied Pollawyn 2 where he pulled of an incredible section win with 32-8-0. That added to two lake wins on Gwinear and Porth and a section win at Trelawney. Andy settled for the £800 third placed cheque.

COLINıS WHOPPER BOLINGEY once again turned up the biggest individual fish contenders and grabbing the £50 prize was Colin Mulholland (Tackle Factory) who got the better of an 18 lb 10 oz ghost carp. However congratulations must go to Mosella South West backed Adam Westmacott who landed two Bolingey beasts on the fourth day from peg 47 in the first arm for an incredible 35 lb!

MYSTERY MAN THE £100 mystery weight prize was a welcome reward for Willow Park grouped Adrian Jeffery who recorded 110-6-0 over the five days.

SPONSORS SENSAS donated buckets full of their extensive range of bait and additive products plus nets for anglers finishing in the top 30 while the money placings ran from first to tenth.

CLINTıS COMMENT WITH the first of this Springıs festivals completed what was the big feller fishery manager Clint Elliottıs thoughts: "OI thought it was brilliant the fishing all around saw a lot of fish caught and you can see Cornwallıs worth coming to."

NEW FACES IN THE FRAME THE weather was for the most part glorious with the spring sunshine ending the week in fine style. While some big names still featured in the main list their were some new names in the frame. Somerset based haulier Paul Greenwood came close to a victory with his fourth placed 35 point return and Browning Wickfordıs Simon Colclough in his second festival appearance was 5th with 34 points. The Man Of the match prize of cut crystal was awarded to England Youth angler Lee Kerry who pushed his way up to 11th.


1 Steve Cooke (Ringer Baits) 36 points; dropped result of 8; 2 Des Shipp (Sensas Preston Innovations) 36 points; dropped result of 5; weight of 349-0-0; 3 Andy Dare (Daiwa Trentmen) 36 points; dropped result of 5; weight of 297-3-0; 4 Paul Greenwood (Sensas M5) 35 points; dropped result of 5 5 Simon Colclough (Browning Wickford Angling) 34 points; dropped 7; weight of 312-14-0; 6 Terry Harrison (Daiwa Dorking) 34 points; dropped 7; weight of 259-5-0; 7 Pete Mottram (GTi Oldham) 34 points; dropped 7; weight of 170-3-0; 8 Will Raison (Daiwa) 34 points dropped 5; weight of 207-5-0; 9 Ben Leach (Daiwa Dorking) 34 points; dropped result of 3; 10 Phil Ringer (Essex County Van Den Eynde) 33 points; dropped result of 8 points;


Day 1 Pollawyn Steve Cooke (Ringer Baits) 209-4-0; Python/Trelawney Simon Colclough (Browning Wickford Angling) 55-12-0; Gwinear Paul Greenwood (Sensas) 169-6-0; Porth Martin Newstead (Bill Knott Bookmakers) 19-5-0; Bolingey Paul Hamlyn (PI Delcac) 108-0-0. 

Day 2 Python / Trelawney Derek Gladwin (PI Delcac) 52-6-0; Gwinear Andy Dare (Daiwa Trentmen) ) 168-8-0;Porth Steve Mayo (Daiwa Dorking) 20-9-0; Bolingey Sean Seabright (Christchurch AC) 78-14-0; Pollawyn Alex Bones (Match Fishing Magazine) 153-11-0; Gwinear Steve Cooke (Ringer Baits) 131-12-0; Porth Andy Dare (Daiwa Trentmen) 22-6-0; Bolingey Steve Ringer (Shimano/ Van Den Eynde) 102-13-0; Pollawyn Des Shipp (Sensas Preston Innovations) 177-0-0; Python and Trelawney Tony Parnell (Molsely Thamesiders) 51-4-0. 

Day 4 Porth Lee Harrison (Van Den Eynde) 22-2-0; Bolingey Phil Ringer (Essex County Van Den Eynde) 97-8-0; Pollawyn Steve Ringer (Shimano Van Den Eynde) 101-8-0; Python and Trelawney Lee Kerry (Browning Hotrods) 85-15-0; Gwinear Mick Lees 130-7-0. Day 5 Bolingey Alan Barker (Ringer Baits) 78-8-0; Pollawyn Simon Colclough (Browning Wickford AC) 108-8-0; Python and Trelawney Kelvin King (White Acres) 65-8-0; Gwinear Paul Yarwood (Boston and District) 122-10-0; Porth Will Raison (Daiwa) 31-4-0.


The Prostate Cancer Charity’s Fishathon
06 April 2003


Wednesday 5th March 2003 saw Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host Chris Tarrant don wellington boots and waders to launch The Prostate Cancer Charity’s Fishathon contest, saying ‘I reckon I may win.’

The Campaign is the first ever Fishathon, promising to be the biggest fishing competition held in Britain. Seasoned and first-time anglers of all ages are invited to try to hook prizes including £100,000 cash and a Rover 1.8-litre classic Tourer estate.

Further details and entry form are available here:

01 April 2003


Disabled anglers are to get the opportunity to give their views and shape concessionary licence charges after the Environment Agency offered the BDAA (British Disabled Angling Association) a seat on a Review Group which will present recommendations in August 2003.

The BDAA invite has been endorsed by the English Federation of Disability Sport who control all disability sport in Britain, and is believed to be a reaction from a meeting with Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Elliot Morley MP, where officials put their call for a more inclusive and fraud free concessionary licence for disabled people.

Changes have been called for by the Environment Agency and the BDAA after recent revelations revealed some disabled people are not eligible for a cut-price licence while many thousands of £’s are believed to be lost in revenue by fraudulent means.

The Minister has agreed there is an anomaly in licence sales, whereby different benefits had loopholes which allowed non-disabled people to claim concessionary licences, while punishing others who are severely disabled but willing to carry out a form of employment.

The Minister has said he would welcome a partnership between the Environment Agency and the BDAA to work together in a bid to produce proposals for a workable change in eligibility.

That partnership will now be joined when the Review Group first meet in mid-April with the BDAA represented.

The increasing membership of the BDAA presently numbers in excess of 3,000, and is the chosen representative of disabled angling by the English Federation of Disability Sport.

For more information contact the BDAA via Terry Moseley on Telephone (01922) 860912.

Terry Moseley BDAA England International


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