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- A new television advertisement with the tag line “Missing Fishing?” will be launched during England’s crucial football World Cup qualifier against Germany on September 1 to a predicted audience of over one million adults.
The advertisement forms part of a month-long radio and television campaign by the Environment Agency which aims to encourage angling throughout England and Wales. The campaign has been developed in response to lower fishing licence sales this year due to the foot and mouth outbreak with funding from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
The storyline is based around three characters working at different jobs but all wishing that they were fishing. The fishing sequences were shot at Langford Fishery on the River Wylye in Wiltshire and also at the RMC fishery at Burghfield, near Reading, where the capture and return of a sizeable mirror carp was filmed. Angling personalities Keith Arthur and Chris Sandford helped in the production.
The advertisement will also appear about 100 times during other Sky Sports programmes from the 2nd to 16th September. As well as encouraging angling, it reminds viewers that licences are available from any Post Office, and the Environment Agency’s web site.
The advertisement was produced by Pretty Clever Pictures of Shepperton studios, and directed by Gelly Morgan who won an award for the ‘Go fishing’ worldwide series with John Wilson. The campaign has been developed by Charterhouse Advertising and Marketing, Manchester.



- "Gone Fishing", the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Angling has written a letter condemning People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA) campaign to ban fishing in the UK, has been published in at least 20 leading regional newspapers.
In the letter "Gone Fishing" pledges "to combat the extremist animal rights agenda while campaigning for responsible animal welfare principles". The letter also points out that PETA, an American organisation, has "failed utterly" to get fishing banned in the US.
"Gone Fishing" sent the letter as part of a drive to encourage all supporters to write to their papers and condemn PETA's publicity campaign, whose planned advertisement shows a graphic image of a dog with a fishing hook through its muzzle.
Director of Gone Fishing Charles Jardine said: "At least 20 regional newspapers from the West Country to Cumbria, have published our letter - it appears to have struck a chord with editors around the country. PETA has long tried to infiltrate schools with misinformation and lies about fishing - this latest attack outside the classroom shows the organisation running true to form".
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- Anglers urged to get fishing again. Football legend Jack Charlton is to feature in a series of TV and radio advertisements, promoted by the Environment Agency, to encourage anglers to return to the riverbanks and canal towpaths.
Up to the end of June rod licence sales were down by 13% in Yorkshire owing to the foot and mouth crisis. The Environment Agency claim many fisheries have now reopened.
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- Following recent widespread media coverage of a threat of a new anti-angling campaign orchestrated by the animal rights group PETA, the National Angling Alliance (NAA) has produced detailed briefing notes and guidance information. The NAA has also exchanged information with the Countryside Alliance to ensure that there is a consistent response to media enquiries about angling. 
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- Rod Rage. Anglers throw cyclist into canal. 
A cyclist who rode over an angler's £500 pole on a canal towpath was chased by two fishermen and thrown into the water. 
Thomas Perkins, 51, had refused to wait for David Pilgrim to unhook a fish, a court heard.
He cycled on, snapping the pole in three places. The two anglers pursued the airline pilot in a van until the next bridge where they confronted him, hurling him fully clothed into the canal.
It was Perkins though who was hauled infront of the magistrates in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.
He admitted criminal damage and was ordered to pay £500 compensation before being conditionally discharged for a year. 
The incident happened during a fishing match on the Calder and Hebble canal in Sowerby Bridge where the anglers had set their rods across the towpath and Perkins could not get past on his mountain bike. He was asked to wait two minutes but became agitated the court heard.

- The Chatsworth Country Fair is still definitely on, 1st / 2nd  September.
The Countryside Alliance are offering a warm welcome to all their members at the CA stand beside the Grand Ring.
Charles Jardine, Director of the CA Campaign for Fishing is calling for any youngsters (15-18 year olds) who would be willing to help out with leaflet distribution etc at Chatsworth.
Please contact Charles Jardine
For more info regarding the fair contact the Chatsworth Country Fair Office
Telephone - Sarah Joice 01263 711736

- The NFA deny Swan lead findings. The National Federation of Anglers have acted swiftly to deny claims that angler's shot was responsible for higher than normal lead levels in blood taken from 20 swans sampled on the River Avon at Stratford-on-Avon last week.
A press release issued by the Welfare of Swans and Wildlife claims angler's lead still poses a threat to the future survival and welfare of the swans as well as impacting on other wildlife of the river.
The report acknowledges that the importation of lead shot was banned 14 years ago but the organisation insists that dust shot is responsible. NFA president Ken Ball is furious about the press release which gives no details about the blood tests other than to state that the levels were higher than normal. He is bemused because the actual numbers of anglers fishing at this stretch of the Warwickshire Avon at Stratford has decreased tremendously over the past few years due to the poor sport, although at the same time the boat traffic has almost trebled.
Lead shot has been banned since 1984 and the swan population is now around 25,000 nationwide, back to the numbers prior to 1984. Ken has said "If the wildlife people want to have a go at us they should at least get their facts right"

-The BBC Newsround program ran an article on whether fishing for fun is cruel. PETA was represented and various youngsters were asked of their opinions. Sound familiar?
Following on from this a Poll is now on the Newsround site, to cast your vote Click Here

- One of Britain's biggest Carp has died after suffering a suspected heart attack.
The 56lb (25 kg) monster called Mary died aged 32 after reaching celebrity status among British anglers.
"Mary will be greatly missed by millions of anglers," said Ian Welch, manager of the lake where Mary lived near Staines, Middlesex. "It held the British carp record and was the largest fish ever born and bred in this country."
Mary -- a male carp mistaken for a female by one of the first people to catch him -- was only ten inches long when he was introduced to the lake in 1972. He grew to more than 10 times the size of an average salmon.
Mary reached monster proportions on a seemingly meagre diet of worms, grubs and stone fly. Only two or three anglers caught Mary during each nine month season, tempting him with bait ranging from sweetcorn to bread.
"It was a very large and powerful fish and you needed strong line, big hooks and lots of stamina to catch him," said Mr Welch. "He would fight for up to an hour and a half before giving up."
Carp fishing websites and magazines have been inundated with tributes to the great fish, which died earlier this month.
Angler Dan Cleary Another said: "Mary has left us for a better world, obviously it was her (sic) time to leave us." 
"Mary wasn't just a fish, Mary was the Queen of all carp," said one veteran angler on the RMC website. "So many of the best anglers in the world have sat on that lake for ages desperate to catch her, ignoring everything else in life."
Not all shared the grief, however. One angler, who called himself Mike, said: "It is only a bloody fish mate. Plenty more fish in the sea and all that."
11/08/01- Here are some media articles relating to PETA

The Guardian - "Fish don't Scream"
The Telegraph - "Interview with Dawn Carr"
A father writes- "Spare the rod, spoil the child"
The Telegraph - "Anglers fury at hooked dog.."
The Independant - "We're all hooked by woolly thinking"
Life of Reilly - "Scales of injustice"
The Sunday Times - "Enemy of the people" 

If you come across one, let us know


- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is now into the second week of its publicity onslaught on fishing, and most media commentators have given it short shrift. Chris Jardine has, in the last week, taken part in several national television and radio interviews and will be doing as many as it takes to help neutralise this threat. We may be winning this media battle against the animal rights lobby but there is a long way to go before we win the war.
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- 190 Anglers fished this years Healy Group All Ireland Open Championships which was held for the 2nd year running on the prolific Lough Oughter in Co. Cavan with Killeshandra as the base. 
The competition brought Seniors, Juniors and Lady anglers from all over Ireland and the United Kingdom.   
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- Charles Jardine of the Countryside Alliance is meeting up with others to talk about what to do regarding The Countryside Alliance has long been defending country sports against the ill informed, misguided and often dangerous attacks of the animal rights lobby.
American animal rights lobby, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) latest campaign - to get fishing banned in the UK - is perhaps the most dangerous yet.
Charles says "This campaign has not generated any public or media support, but has merely created a media froth over the fishing issue.
Despite this, the angling community must act - if there was ever a time to stand together that time is now. We must be united in our message: fishing is not cruel, we will defend it and we will not see it banned. I myself have been on television and radio already and will be doing more of the same in the coming days."
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