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- New British Carp Record
'Two-Tone' the present record Carp has been landed by angler Lee Jackson weighing in at a new Record Weight of 61lb 11oz !!  and there's a photo of it Here














- An animal rights group has challenged Scotland's national aquarium to end the "bizarre" sale of seafood in its restaurant.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has asked Deep Sea World in North Queensferry to use soya-based alternatives to fish in its cafe.
Dawn Carr, Peta director, said in a letter to the centre: "Your aquarium purports to be a place where one can learn about and admire fish. But how can anyone stand in awe of these glorious, fascinating creatures and then head over to the cafeteria and stick a fork in them?"

In the letter, which was addressed to the aquarium's chief executive, Stuart Earley, Ms Carr said all fish were different as individuals.
She writes: "It makes it very tough to eat fish after you've gotten to know them. Even the word seafood shows how we have stripped these magnificent animals of any individuality and value beyond their utility to us."
She went on to claim that eating fish can harm human health because seafood contains excessive protein and cholesterol and has no carbohydrates or fibre.
She added fish flesh had high levels of toxins, such as mercury and arsenic, which can cause kidney damage, impaired mental development and cancer.

But Deep Sea World insisted that the aquarium had no intention of taking fish off its menu.
Mr Earley said: "Scotland's national aquarium attracts a huge number of different visitors and we feel they have the right to free choice.
"We are confident that we provide something for everyone whatever their culinary or political persuasion."



- Angling guru stays 'out in the cold' to support hunting
Charles Jardine, Director of the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, will be spending the night at the Countryside Alliance's vigil on Parliament Square next Wednesday, 14th August.
The vigil has been manned on a round the clock basis since May 15th and has had a different hunt in attendance each day. This will be the first time that the vigil has not been manned by a hunt.
Charles is doing this to protect angling. He says "Even leaving aside the political threat to hunting, angling and shooting are now clearly next on the list for the antis and also for many politicians. I will do everything in my power to protect my own sport, and the hunting community has already been immensely supportive. We must show a united front and do all we can to ensure the continuance of country sports, not just for ourselves, but for future generations. I will be spending the night out in the cold for country sports, tying flies and making my point in the best way I can. I will also be marching for the countryside in next month's Liberty & Livelihood March in London on 22nd September, and would urge all anglers who love their sport to join us. I am confident that if we continue to make our point and leave Parliament in no doubt about the strength of our feelings, we will all still be enjoying the beauty of Britain's waterways and  countryside long into the future".
























- For those who are not sure what National Fishing Week is about, it is a week, or more precisely ten days in August which people who have never fished before can be introduced to our sport. UK National Fishing Week is part of the World Fishing Week Program. Various other countries such as the USA, New Zealand, Denmark, Italy, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Singapore and Japan are already participating and many more countries have plans to participate in the future.

The first UK NFW was in 1992 and it has expanded each year since it's inception. In 2001 more than 100,000 people took part in 17,162 events all over the country.

In short getting Mums, Dads, Youngsters and friends together for a fishing trip with either yourself or members of your club/other anglers for a day's fishing or 'teach in' is all you need to do.
You can take it one step further and organize a local event inviting all to attend or even contacting youth groups/clubs, and co-ordinating your efforts.

I understand the EA has wiaved the obligatory Rod Licence for the week for anyone taking part in an event or day oput in relation to the National Fishing Week and I'll try to get some confirmation on this,

The aims of the NFW are two fold: to improve the lifestyle of disabled people, youngsters, retired people, ladies and non anglers by introducing them to angling as an enjoyable, relaxing, therapeutic and environmentally friendly pastime, and to increase individual commitment to, and participation in, the conservation and enhancement of our aquatic resources.

Practically everyone associated with angling in any way, from individuals to clubs, trade associations, government departments and the media, is by doing so helping to make National Fishing Week 2002 a success.

There is more information on this site:

The NFW Committee has prepared an Action Manual for NFW containing a list of suggestions for events; a planning program showing what to do; a countdown program showing when to do it, tips, specimen participants certificates, the Junior Anglers Code of Conduct - everything you need to organize an event. Please send your name, address, postcode and telephone number to:

Vince Lister, National Fishing Week,
(No Stamp Necessary)
Freepost (RG3254)
BH21 3ZZ


Ted Heathcote-Walker
National Co-ordinator
National Fishing Week
The Cottage
Gomersal House
Lower Lane
West Yorkshire BD19 4HY


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