May 2001

Before going fishing please read and follow this code to protect the countryside from further spread of Foot and Mouth


  • If you have handled cattle, sheep, goats or pigs in the last 7 days please do not go fishing.
  • Check with your fishing club or the fishery owner that the water is open prior to going fishing
  • Respect footpaths or rights of way still closed and the 3km exclusion zones around infected premises
  • Do not go near, and never touch, handle or feed livestock : - if you come across them unexpectedly, move away slowly; if necessary re-trace your route.
  • Do not take dogs.
  • Do not leave any waste food or litter.
  • Stay on the path or at the water's edge
  • Leave all gates as you find them.
  • Use disinfectant where provided.
  • Start your fishing trip with clean equipment, footwear and clothing.

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