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- The River System Support Group needs you! 
Towards the back end of 2001 and following the saga relating to the Adam's Mill  ( Milton Keynes AA) and the Kickles Farm (NPFC) stretches of the Great Ouse, it was decided to form a support group to represent an 'open to all' campaign. The emphasis being to preserve the rights of all individuals to be able to have access to fish all rivers and not find themselves unable to due to syndication.
A meeting was held where the issue was discussed democratically by individuals who had shown an interest in setting up the group. The key to the meeting was individuals giving their own opinions and suggestions for a way forward; ordinary club anglers coming together in support for their individual "open to all" fishing. No "names" or "groups", just ordinary anglers looking after their own interests. 

To read the minutes of the meeting and for information regarding obtaining membership (just 3.00 ) Click Here



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The National Angling Alliance and the Countryside Alliance have signed a Memorandum of Understanding providing a framework within which the two organisations will collaborate closely on angling issues.  That framework is based on the concept that the National Angling Alliance is the principal organisation representing and promoting angling and the interests of anglers and that the Countryside Alliance is the principal organisation defending all country sports in the context of rural livelihood and liberty.
Tony Bird, Chairman of the National Angling Alliance, will join the board of the Countryside Alliance immediately and Richard Burge, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, will attend the meetings of the National Angling Alliance.

The NAA mission is to protect and promote the fish and fisheries of the UK and, in support of this, to protect the rights and interests of those who fish by rod and line.
The CA mission is to defend and promote rural livelihoods and liberty, and to campaign for a sustainable future for rural people in a tolerant and diverse country.

The NAA comprises six organisations representing approximately one million members: Salmon & Trout Association, National Federation of Anglers, National Federation of Sea Anglers, Specialist Anglers Alliance, The National Association of Fisheries & Angling Consultative and The Angling Trade Association.

The Alliance has 95,000 individual members plus 250,000 affiliate members from a wide range of country sports clubs and societies that are formally affiliated to the Alliance.  In addition to its associate membership, the Alliance has a 'partnership' membership scheme that provides reduced rate membership of the Alliance for third party organisations.  The following organisations are all members of this scheme:
* The National Gamekeepers' Organisation (NGO)
* The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA)
* Anglers' Conservation Association (ACA)
* National Rifle Association  (NRA)
* The St Hubert Club



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