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- Animal rights group set to launch campaign to stop angling. Part of the campaign by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, is likely to feature a dog with a fishing hook in its mouth. They claim fishing is cruelty.
The advert was used on billboards near fishing events in America and PETA claims it has been very successful.
"We are fairly certain it will be used here in Europe. It is very effective using the dog in the ad," Dawn Carr, the group's campaign co-ordinator has said upon her arrival from America at the group's UK-base in London to launch the campaign, scheduled for later in the year.
"The image itself is very disturbing and graphic, we hope it will make people stop for a moment and give some consideration for the fish with a hook in its mouth.
"It may not be cute and cuddly like a dog, but they feel and suffer like all animals do."
Ms Carr claimed anglers believe that what they are doing does not cause fish to suffer.
"They really want to believe that. They do not want to think what they are doing is cruel," she said.
PETA also has a website, dedicated to their campaign.
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- The National Fishing Week is in its tenth year. This year it is from 18th to 27th August.
The Two Main Aims of National Fishing Week 2001are to improve the lifestyle of Disabled people, Youngsters, Women, retired people, in fact anyone and everyone by introducing them to Angling as a relaxing, therapeutic and environmentally friendly pastime and to increase individual commitment to, and participation in the conservation and enhancement of water resources.
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- The BBC Radio 5's 'Dirty Tackle' programme, the only angling show on National Radio, may be axed next March (2002). 
Angling needs a growing number of participants to secure its future. A programme such as 'Dirty Tackle' helps to present the many facets of angling, not only to anglers, but to the general public, whetting their appetite to try wetting their own lines. 
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- Conservationists will today try to catch a giant 5ft-long catfish which has been illegally introduced to a British river to provide a challenge for anglers.
It is feared the alien predator will decimate other wildlife in the River Darent in Kent and if it grows large enough will become a threat to young children and family pets.
Officers from the Environment Agency's fisheries team will try to net the monster 40lb fish, nicknamed Darren, at Eynsford, starting at 10am.
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- Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire angler Nick Hancock, star of the humorous sports quiz show 'They think it's all over', was prosecuted for fishing without a valid rod licence. Hancock pleaded guilty at the Stafford magistrates court earlier this month and was fined £40 with £55 costs.
He was caught without a licence whilst fishing for trout on Hanchurch Pools, Newcastle-u-Lyme.
Tony Page of Cliffs End, Ramsgate was also unable to produce a valid rod licence after being challenged by Agency officers who had viewed him fishing at Friends Lake, Betteshanger. Mr Page appeared in court to plead guilty to fishing illegally, he was fined £25 and costs of £50 were awarded against him. 
Another angler, Andrew Moore was also seen fishing at Rope Walk, Sandwich by Agency officers and was also unable to produce a valid rod licence when asked. Mr Moore pleaded guilty to fishing illegally by post and was fined £25 with costs of £50 awarded against him. 

Jim Roden, from the Agency's Legal Team said, "Fishing without a rod licence really is a false economy - you will get caught - it's that simple. 
"This has been an ongoing Agency activity for some time, this is not a short-term campaign - don't feel safe just because you haven't been caught before. There are inspectors patrolling riverbanks throughout Kent on all days of the week and at different times of the day and night. 
"There really is no excuse for not having a licence, they are easy to obtain from post-offices, over the telephone on 0870 1662662 or by using the Agency's website Since a full non-migratory rod licence costs just £20 for a year, and with a junior licence costing just £5, it is simply not worth taking the risk. 
"Last year the Agency prosecuted 418 individuals from the Southern Region - 375 were found guilty of fishing illegally. For each of these people fines and costs totalled an average of around £115. 
"If a person is caught fishing without a licence within Kent they can expect their dishonesty to cost around five times the value of a non-migratory rod licence -can running the risk of heavy penalties really be justified for the sake of six pence a day?"

- Excitement is building for the upcoming Healy Group All Ireland Open Championships, which will take place on Sunday 29th July 2001.  
This is also the 2nd year that the event will be held in Killeshandra following on from the success of last year’s event.  The Senior and Ladies event will all be fished on Lough Oughter with stretches such as Killykeen, Eonish, Sandypoint and a section on the Derries included.  The Juniors Section is being fished on Bawn Lake, which is just 5 minutes walk from the town. 
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- has closed it's doors. When iMPOWER launched the online fishing licence service in August 2000, it was one of the first online interactive "e-government" services. It  hoped to develop the site in conjunction with the Environment Agency, but the Agency decided instead to develop its own online service (available at the Environment Agency website), which it launched early in 2001. Unfortunately this  undermined the viability of iMPOWER's service which reluctantly they have had to withdraw. 

- A new fishing magazine is to hit the paper stands - Coarse Angling Today is aimed at the more ambitious angler, the kind of person who wants to take his or her coarse fishing that little bit further. The magazine is not specifically aimed at anglers who want to catch record fish, but rather those anglers who want success on their own terms, big fish for the waters they themselves fish, and are constantly striving to improve their tackle and techniques. 
To go to the Coarse Angling Today web-site, Click Here

- A bird welfare charity has pleaded with anglers to stop killing fish-eating cormorants after a man was fined today for shooting two dead and attempting to kill another.
In the first successful prosecution of its kind, Terence Day was fined £250 and had his shotgun seized after pleading guilty to attacking the birds in December last year.
Luton magistrates court was told Day, 36, from Abbots Road in Letchworth, Herts, fired on the birds at the Henlow Fishing Lakes in Bedfordshire.
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- The Tench Record has been beaten. A 15lb Tench has been caught by Darren Ward from an undisclosed Southern stillwater, falling  to a 14mm pop-up boilie whilst fishing for Carp in a pre-baited swim. The fish beats the present record of 14lb 7oz caught by Gordon Beavan in 1993.
To see a picture of Darren and the fish Click Here.

- McDonald's is being sued for a maggot-infested cheeseburger - An 11-year old Detroit boy filed a $1 million lawsuit against fast food giant McDonald's Corp on Monday after he allegedly ate part of cheeseburger that was infested with maggots, his lawyer said.
The boy, Vincent Ingram, discovered the maggots after chomping into the cheeseburger at home on June 19, said the attorney, Arnold Reed.
"His sister is standing next to him and starts freaking out, because she sees these things crawling around his mouth and out of his mouth. She starts screaming." 
Reed said Ingram swallowed at least half a dozen of the maggots. 
As evidence, his mother saved the rest of the cheeseburger and the boy's vomit.
"Since this incident, he's been freaking out. He won't eat," Reed added.
The lawsuit filed in Wayne County Circuit Court in Michigan says Ingram ate the cheeseburger shortly after it was bought, but does not specify in what amount of time.
McDonald's in a statement called the allegations "questionable," and said it had not received any facts to back up the claims.
"We have not been provided with any evidence to validate this claim," the company's statement said.


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