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-Get Hooked On Fishing, with funding and support from the Countryside Alliance, is to receive the star treatment on Discovery Channel this Friday at 9pm through Angling Times TV. Further coverage is to appear in the Sunday Telegraph.
Called The National Angling Development Plan the aim of the project is to pull together all angling groups in the interests of selling fishing to the youngsters. To do this the project directors have applied for 5 million in funding and hope to set up 10 regional centres of excellence supported by a network of 40 further satellite learning centres.
Project co-ordinator Mick Watson said, "This is all about showing the benefits of fishing by making it possible for all kinds of kids, from all kinds of backgrounds to get involved with something which takes them out and about and gives them a good time without costing loads of money".

- The Grass Carp Record has been beaten by a 36lb 9oz fish caught by angler Colin Nash at RMC Anglings' Horton Church Lake, Horton, Berkshire, the 'home' of the previous record, using a pop-up Carp Company Icelandic red boilie legered 35m out. He added almost 3lb to the old record of 33lb 12oz caught by Simon Lavin from the same fishery back in 1999.  
To view a picture of Colin with the fish, Click Here. (Courtesy of RMC Angling)

- Angling casts its net to lure youngsters from computer games to the riverbanks. More than a million fishing rods will stretch out over British ponds, lakes, canals and rivers as the coarse fishing season opens, but fewer young people are taking up the sport and the Environment Agency is planning a 5m initiative to reverse the trend.
Over three years, the plan aims to provide 50 new or restored fisheries, mainly in towns and inner cities, and introduce 100,000 newcomers to angling through a national coaching scheme. 
To read more, Click Here

- Coarse fish stocks in the River Dee in North Wales received a massive boost yesterday thanks to the success of the Environment Agency's Calverton Fish Farm near Nottingham. 
A total of up to 100,000 one-year-old coarse fish, including chub, dace, roach, bream and barbel were stocked into the lower River Dee at Farndon bridge and Eccleston Ferry between Wrexham and Chester joining the 50,000 fish which have already been introduced to replace the fish killed by the pollution incident last July - estimated to be at least 100,000. 
Eric Humphries, of the Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers and a member of the Steering Group set up to oversee the recovery of the river, commented: "This latest stocking is tremendous news for anglers on the River Dee whose sport has been so badly affected after the fish kill last summer. It will also help angling clubs and the various local businesses, such as tackle shops, that rely on the money spent by both local and visiting anglers. 
The cause of the fish kill is still unknown despite intensive investigations which are continuing.

- List of fisheries open for angling. Many fisheries are still open and safe to fish though you may have had difficulty in finding out where these are. The Environmental Agency have put together a national list of fisheries which are open. To go to the list Click Here

- The Wykeham Country and Angling Fair - Sat/Sun 30th June and 1st July at Charm Park and Wykeham Lakes, Wykeham, nr Scarborough  is going ahead this summer and is billed as 'a festival of country pursuits - something for everyone'.
For further information and entry forms for Angling and Equestrian events Tel: 01723 864505 or e-mail:

- In a pre-election statement the Labour Partythey will give an early opportunity for the Commons to express its view on banning fox hunting, but have no intention to place restrictions on the sports of angling or shooting.
The recent Petition that was run by 'the Anglers Net' web-site has now received responses from the three main parties. To see their replies Click Here


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