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-The Countryside Alliance
has attacked the bias evident in a new education pack from foreign animal rights lobby group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
The pack, currently being touted to GCSE English teachers by the respectable sounding “PETA Research and Education Foundation”, includes slanted newspaper articles and a “discussion” sheet which mischievously compares fieldsports such as hunting, shooting and fishing with the outlawed practices of bear-baiting and cock-fighting. 
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- The Wey Valley Disabled Anglers Association invite you to take part in their 1st INTEGRATED NATIONAL ANGLING CHAMPIONSHIP For the Physically Challenged & Able-bodied (Helper) Anglers At WILLOW PARK FISHERY On Saturday 18th August 2001. 120 Pegs. Draw 9.00 AM Fish 11 AM - 4 PM Followed by Prize Giving and a Barbecue. Entry £15.00 to include Barbecue. Optional £5.00 Pools on the day. Barbecue £3.00 for non-fishing helpers. If you would like a booking-in form ring: Dave Phillips on 01252 330584
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- is to close following a restructure of their UK digital businesses. The businesses that will close include:,,,,,,,,,,,, and associated sites. 
Around 20 staff will lose their jobs at their UK office and 100 more jobs could go worldwide. EMAP Digital, the owners, reported that the current climate is tough for everyone: advertising revenues are slower, e-commerce adoption is disappointing, business models are still evolving and are straining under pressure.
It is expected that the cost of losing staff and closing websites will cost in the region of £10m.





-This year's 'Go Fishing' exhibition at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre promises to be better than ever. All the biggest names in angling will  be there answering questions, demonstrating new tackle and passing on those tips that make them the best in the business. As you would expect with an exhibition of this size, it is well supported by the major tackle manufacturers. 'Go Fishing' takes place on March 23-24-25 and tickets can be purchased via the Ticket Hotline 0870 909 4133



-A 62-YEAR-OLD disabled angler was threatened by balaclava-clad animal rights protesters brandishing baseball bats and pickaxe handles. Read more Here




-With the General Election looming, there has never been a better time to let the politicians know that we aren't just anglers, but voters, too. A clear statement of commitment to recreational fishing is what is needed. We are responsible for a massive industry and our rights as anglers need to be effectively managed, not just swept under the carpet because of more 'fashionable' sports! has started a petition, which will be handed to the leader of each of the main three political parties, please take a moment to add your voice Here


-Infected Maggot. Unconfirmed reports are coming in of a Foot and Mouth outbreak in a garden shed in Somerset. A maggot left in the bottom of a tackle box was found with symptoms similar to F&M. For pictures and advice how to check your maggots, click here


-In the light of the new confirmed outbreaks of foot and mouth disease and following consultation with leaders of the farming community the Countryside Alliance has decided to defer its London march, planned for March 18, to at least early May. Read more here







-All British Waterways canals are closed to all forms of recreation (including boating) except in city locations.
For further information:
The Environment Agency have advised all Angling clubs who lease waters from them to close their waters until further notice. 
The majority of Angling Clubs have now closed their waters in order to help prevent the spread of disease.

A forum is being operated to inform UK anglers of known water closures due to F&M at If you have any information from reliable sources, please add to it.




- Foot and Mouth update. Angling Clubs and associations are now urging anglers to invoke a voluntary ban on fishing in the wake of the outbreak. Many waters have now been closed. Some ponds are still open where access does not involve trekking over farm land. 
The latest  Press Release from the NAA.
For the latest reports from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food click here: MAFF



- Angling 2001, the biggest indoor retail Angling Exhibition in the north, is at Doncaster Race Course on 10th & 11th March from 9.30am - 4.30pm.  Admission is £8.00 for one day or £10.00 for both, accompanied under 16's are free and there is a discount on pre-booked tickets. For a free information pack or to book tickets, telephone 0800 0962606.




- Foot and Mouth disease is the latest threat to angling in the UK. A major outbreak in 1967 resulted in a nationwide ban on Coarse Angling from November that year, until the following spring. Being responsible, if you fish off farmland, you are advised to keep a close eye on any exclusion zones that are reported. Check with your local Club or Tackle Shop for any closures if unsure. The NAA in response to this outbreak have issued this Press Release and a forum is being operated to inform UK anglers of known water closures due to F&M at If you have any information from reliable sources, please add to it.

- A recent BBC 'web' poll questioning whether or not Angling is cruel, was sadly removed after it appears that it may have been sabotaged. Suffice to say, angling was well on top by the time the antis got to it! - Taking of which,  the National Angling Alliance have issued advice to anglers on how to deal with anti and media confrontation in this Press Release


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