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- The Bream record has been broken. The previous record Bream of 16lb 12oz caught in 2000 has been beaten by Kerry Walker with a 18lb 9oz specimen. The fish was caught from the 29 acre Norfolk Anglers Conservation Association pit,  Lodge Lake, on the Bawburgh complex which belongs to RMC. Kerry used two grains of sweetcorn fished a rod's length from the bank. To see a picture of Kerry with the Bream Click Here

- Angling needs you: this is a last call to add your name to the Anglers' Net online petition. This is due to be sent to the leaders of the three main political parties in the UK in the next week, so please act fast. With a general election looming, we need to stand up and be counted. 
To add your name to the petition Click Here

- The British Disabled Angling Association in partnership with concrete giants Topmix owned by the Anglo American corporation, have teamed up to bring the disabled anglers of the UK their own independent national contest.
The qualifying†matches are to be run across eight regions and taking the top 5 from each round to go through to the final.
If all venues sell out at an average of 30 anglers per match there will be an estimated £2000 payout on the final at Border Fisheries in September near Crewe.
†Any disabled person who holds a current Environment agency disabled licence can enter the qualifying rounds. For dates and further information Click Here




- A wide cross-section of organisations, forming the Angling Task Force, concerned with angling in the UK, met yesterday and started the process of re-invigorating fishing as part of rural recovery from Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). 
Within the next few days and over the coming weeks anglers throughout Britain will be encouraged to renew their rod licences, buy their fishing tackle and go fishing. The Environment Agency has already allowed 85% of stillwater fisheries to open, and this total is rising.  
To read more Click Here

- Irish tourism welcomes relaxed foot-mouth controls
Ireland will reopen some of its most famous tourist attractions in the next nine days as the government eases restrictions imposed to combat the spread of foot-and-mouth disease.
Dublin City zoo, closed since March, will reopen on Thursday, while rural attractions such as the vistors centre at the Glendalough monastic site outside Dublin will be back in operation from May 11. 
Hill-walking, pony-trekking, and angling can resume around the country from the same date. 
An announcement by the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board can be read Here







- Pet Rescue presenter Wendy Turner Webster is appealing to Boy Scouts to stop fishing. The animal lover has written to the Duke of Kent in his capacity of President of the Scout Association, asking him to "retire the Scout's Angling proficiency badge" on the grounds of cruelty.
Writing on behalf of the organisation - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), vegan Wendy, 33, informs the Duke that killing fish is inconsistent with the Scout's wholesome reputation and "setting out to attack animals is not in keeping with the image of Scouting". 
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