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- Staffordshire’s Blithfield Reservoir have produced two pike that are probably the biggest brace ever recorded from a British water.
Specialist angler, Eric Edwards from St Helens, boated the fish within an hour of each other. The first monster, caught at around 3pm, Saturday 27th October, weighed a massive 37lb 8oz and the second, boated before 4pm, pulled the scales to a staggering 41lb 8oz.
Both fish were tempted with a small rubber lure twitched along the bottom from the anchored boat.

- The Countryside Internet Auction went live yesterday on and will be open for online bidding until midnight on Saturday 27th October, night of Host a Roast. Simply log onto the iBrax web site, register for free and then get bidding!
There are 400 various Lots within the 14 auction categories which include Art, Clothing, Countryside Accessories, Equestrian Items, Fishing, Food and Drink, Holidays, Hawking, House & Garden, Racing, Shooting & Stalking, various Hounds and Something Different...

Items vary from the great to the small - there are driven shooting days for up to 8 guns & white tail shooting in the States to rough shooting for one, an acrobatic flight in a plane, hand knitted gloves and a luxurious two week holiday in Rajasthan. There are original Snaffles prints, oven ready grouse, stalking in the Highlands and a skiing flat in France. Also bluewater fishing in the Gambia as well as fishing all over the UK, fishing rods, game hawking and a choice of three shooting jackets. Something for everyone!

Full information on how to view the lots, how to register to bid and much more

- The Countryside Alliance is delighted to announce its participation in the first ever
Young Anglers' Day, to be held at Ravenfield Park Fishery, Rotherham on Monday 22nd October 2001.
Kids from all walks of life are converging on Ravenfield, home of Phoenix Sports and Welfare Club which is run by Martin Read. They will learn all about coarse fishing, compete against each other, have a day in the great outdoors and benefit from the experience of several professionals from the angling world.
The event is a breakthrough for angling. It is the first time a community angling initiative has been so well supported - support has been forthcoming from: South Yorks Police, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, the NFA, DACE (Mick Watson's successful Get Hooked on Fishing initiative) and the Environment Agency.
Charles Jardine, Director of the Alliance's Gone Fishing campaign, said: "This is a phenomenally exciting project as it is bringing kids into the sport in a beautiful setting - we hope all those taking part are thoroughly inspired by Ravenfield. We are all delighted to be coming together in this way to promote angling, especially to so many first timers, and hope the event will be a resounding success to be repeated all over the country".

- Britain's first 60lb Carp has been caught by angler Gary Bayes. He netted the big Mid Kent Fisheries fish Two Tone at a new top weight of 61lb 2oz. Conningbrook is located in Ashford, Kent and is a very hard water with approximately 30 known Carp present. 'Two Tone' has been caught several times lately, each time at a new weight. 
See the previous news relating to Two Tone - Click

- The Countryside Alliance, in partnership with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Phoenix Sports and Social Club, is offering youngsters aged between 10 and 14 years old from schools in the Rotherham area the opportunity to try their hand and experience the pleasures of angling.
To be held at Ravenfield Park Lakes, Ravenfield, near Rotherham on Monday 22nd October from 11am to 3pm, the day follows a highly successful ‘Fur, Fin and Feather’ young field sports day piloted at Dearnford Hall Trout Fishery at Whitchurch, Shropshire last February.
Youngsters, both boys and girls, will be given expert tuition in all aspects of coarse fishing from Countryside Alliance fishing guru, Charles Jardine, and other well-known instructors from the National Federation of Anglers, in Ravenfield’s seven well stocked lakes. Tackle and tuition will be provided free of charge.
To read more Click Here


- Approximately 1400 Roach and bream were found dead in a half mile stretch of the Kennet and Avon canal near the Wharf above the town bridge in Devizes, last week.
Scientific analysis of the water and checks of nearby industrial sites have found no cause for the pollution and the EA is appealing to people to come forward with any information that could help.
The canal had returned to normal the following day with surviving fish showing no signs of distress. Then the EA heard that more dead fish had been found on the same stretch, and EA officers found another 1000 small fish had succumbed to the pollutant, and this exactly one week after the original incident.
A toxic discharge is the most likely cause, but the Agency is also looking at the possibility that algae and bacteria in the canal may be causing the fatalities. "We have looked for the presence of sewage and any industrial chemicals and are now looking at the possibility that bacteria and algae in the water could be the cause.” Said Laurence Mathew, for the Environment Agency.
"We are asking local people to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary in the water and report it to us as quickly as possible." 

The Environment Agency's free 24 hour incident hotline is 0800 80 70 60.


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