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62 year old/Anti angling 080301
All Ireland Open Championships 290701
Angling Task Force/Foot and Mouth 040501
BBC Radio 5's 'Dirty Tackle' 29/07/01
BDAA National Angling Contest
Bernard Venables 220401
Bid to Catch Carnivorous Fish 26/07/01
Chatsworth cancelled 240401
Countryside Alliance & PETA
Countryside Alliance / NAA 17/03/02
Countryside Alliance 1/10/01
Countryside Alliance/Foot and Mouth4
Countryside Alliance/Schools 300301
Disability Sports - Flyer
Funding for the BDAA 240411
Irish Angling/Foot and Mouth 030501
Local Charity breathes new life into Suffolk
Maggots/Foot and Mouth 060301
Man is Fined for Shooting Cormorants 120701
NAA and Anti angling groups 2
NAA/Anti-angling Campaign
NAA/Foot and Mouth
NAA/Foot and Mouth 3
National Fishing Week 2001 29/07/01
The River Systems Support Group
The Watson Bill - an angler's perspective
Wendy Turner-Webster 300401
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