If your Club is listed within our Club Directory, we have set up a new Forum Board to run alongside our existing board. This board is set up for the use of Angling Clubs and their members to further build the Maggotdrowning Community. 

It's name -  "The Club Forums" www.maggotdrowning.com/clubforums

If you would like a forum for your Fishing Club, then contact us. There are no charges or fees and the only requirement is that you or/and your Club's members use it at least once a month.

It can be used as a point of contact, displaying club news and information, chit-chat, advertising forthcoming matches, the uses are endless.

If you have your own Club web-site you can link to it directly as an extension of your site. If you haven't and would like one, hosted on our server, get in touch and we'll give you one. And once again it is free - no charges, no hosting fees and it can be easily updated.

If you have your own Club website hosted on 'free-space' and are having problems or are fed up with banner ads and pop-ups, transfer it to our server and we'll host it free. Contact us for further details

To get your Club Forum, simply fill in the form: Click Here