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If you want to drive traffic to your Company's web-site, promote your goods or services what better way of doing it than offering a competition prize. What do we want in return? 
The answer is nothing. We gain by offering a little something back to our visitors. 

What does the prize have to be? 
The answer is anything. Goods, vouchers, discounts, tickets, holidays, you name it. 
The only condition that we have is that it has to have a minimum value of 20.00.

If you are interested, please fill in this form and we'll put the wheels in motion.

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Terms & Conditions: 
The definition of 'Prize' is anything that is given freely, of a minimum value of 20.00.
The definition of 'Donor' is the person filling in this form whose name is included in the 'Your Name' field of this form.
By donating a 'Prize', the 'Donor' is entering into a legally binding contract to supply that 'Prize' at no cost to 
nor competition entrants. 
Our commitment to you is that we will write and include the  competition entry form within the web-site 
at no costs to yourself or the promoting company.

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