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Here is a list of information that we need to help build this site.
Most information is submitted using our brief forms)


A to Z - the Anglers encyclopaedia (currently under construction). We need information on anything relevant to Coarse Fishing - Baits, Tackle, Methods, etc. Please click here

Been Fishing - I f  you've been fishing lately and had a good, bad, or humorous day get writing. Put your day to paper, include a few details, add a photo if you want, and send it to us. We will put it on a page for you.  Send it Here

Club Directory - If you are in a Fishing Club then we need to know. Tell us of your Club and we will include it. Please click here

Fish 'n' Tips - over 20 pages of information relating to different species of Coarse Fish. We need more Info, tips and methods. Please click here.

Fisheries - a growing directory of Stillwaters, Rivers and Canals. If you know of a fishery then let us know and we will add it. Please click here

Photographers - If you have any photo's of Specimen Fish then send them to us and we will include them within our pages. Please click here

Tackle Shops - free advertising for your local Tackle Shop. If you are impressed with it then tell us and we will add it. Please click here

Visitor Survey - tell us what you think of this site and make suggestions for additions or improvements. Please click here


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