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How to use your Pellet Pump


(A) Fill the container halfway or less with the pellets you need to prepare.

Add water and any liquid flavourings that you may want to add to about 75% full to ensure a good vacuum, check that the rim of the container, the seal and the stopper are clean before replacing the lid.




(B) Replace the lid - notice that the seal is clearly visible.

Place the pump on the stopper and commence pumping action. When resistance is felt (10 - 15 pumps) stop pumping and remove the pump from the container.




(C) The seal should now be fully compressed.

Most of the air would have been extracted by now causing a strong vacuum and you should see the bubbles of extracted air on the surface. Leave for 30 seconds.




(D) To open the container squeeze the stopper slowly at the "press" marks to release the vacuum and the pellets should sink.

Repeat as necessary if any floating pellets remain.

Once they all sink remove the lid, drain off the water and tip the pellets into a bait box for perfect expanders.


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